Hoop Dome

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Hoop Dome "Bring Your Game" from Charles Wahl on Vimeo.


Canada's Premier Multi-Court Basketball only Facility

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Sunday 9:30 AM - 10:30 PM


HoopDome is a state of the art, multi gymnasium basketball only facility located at Downsview Park.  This 42,000 square foot premiere basketball facility has been open since March 30, 2007, and addresses the growing demand for basketball in Toronto.

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In addition to our in house HoopDome Leagues; Megacity and B'nai Brith Leagues all call HoopDome home, why don't you too! Contact us, 416-633-HOOP (4667), for more information on running your league at HoopDome, Toronto's One of Kind Premier Basketball Facility...bring your players and their game!

Basketball is recognized as one of Canada's fastest growing sporting demographic

HoopDome has become a destination spot for all basketball athletes, families and teams; leagues and tournaments.  This is the centre for amateur basketball in Ontario, and the facility operates 365 days a year.

Visit our "World Class Facility"

HoopDome consists of

The cages have a unique outdoor or urban look seen in many American cities, but have the luxuries of being inside, safe from the harsh Canadian weather. Each of the full courts come complete with bleachers, high end portable baskets, scoreboards and professional style hardwood floors. HoopDome offers a variety of programs for all levels of basketball players; leagues, tournaments, camps, corporate events, rentals and more.

When you come to HoopDome, you better "Bring Your Game".